About Us

Initially in 1998 Westech Multimedia was established with the purpose to serve the growing demand in the multimedia world.

Since 2008 we have moved forward and formed the second company, Wessteck Multimedia Sdn Bhd to further support the vast and rapid changes in the IT and multimedia industry. Our core competencies are to innovate new software technologies for multimedia based information and advertising. We strongly believe in educating and informing the public through the use of multimedia interface solution software developed by our company and onto the screens of digital displays.

Our products and services are:

  • Multimedia Digital Display (MDD-CMS)
  • Multi Touch Kiosk/Table
  • Digital Signage (CMS)
  • GoLiveMeeting (Web Conferencing)
  • Ezyweb (web portal software with CMS)
  • Customize Database Applications
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