Multimedia Digital Display (MDD)

MDD is an electronic billboard system that used to present multi information electronically on flat panel displays. It is installed in public spaces and are typically used to entertain, inform or advertise. It can be easily programmed to run different content between signs at different time periods of the day. It also allows user to decide and create own modular playlist to be played back according to a schedule set on a computer.

MDD is a range of digital signage solutions that can be used in at exhibitions, conferences and road shows. In addition, MDD is a brilliant method of audio visual display to provide a more compelling message than simple static graphics. The information displayed on digital signage screens can range from simple text, images, photos, animation or full motion video.

MDD comes into two versions:

  • Standalone
  • Network (CMS-Content Management System)
         MDD Standlone                                            MDD-Network

The advantages:
  • Dramatically more eye-catching content.
  • Full flexible presentation scheduling.
  • Deliver specific messages/information to specific audiences in specific location(s).
  • Contents can be exchanged easily and instantly.
  • Various layout screen design for selecting.
  • Replaces traditional usage of static text and posters for advertising and public announcements.
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